NOMADays 2022

26th – 28th of August 2022 @ CryptoCastle

NOMADays 2022 – The Entrepreneurs Congress for Perpetual Traveling


Why NOMADays?

Perpetual travel and digital nomads are more than a small trend – nowadays they are here to stay and the movement continues to grow massively.

In these times, which are becoming increasingly uncertain and complicated on a global level, everyone is well advised to inform themselves comprehensively.
Therefore, the team around Christoph Heuermann (Staatenlos) together with the Blockchainhotel and the CryptoCastle have decided to jointly launch the new format “NomaDays”.

The goal is to bring together both beginners and experienced LOCATION-INDEPENDENT ENTREPRENEURS, Freelancers and investors to this wonderful castle. In the future our stated goal is to create a place for co-living and co-working in the heart of germany. Learn more about the concept of the CryptoCastle.

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About NOMADays 2022

In increasingly fast-paced times, it makes sense to look at alternative lifestyles. Without a doubt, this includes life as a permanent traveler.

Many things are changing, and sustainability is playing an increasingly important role. This will also affect the way we travel and live in the future.

Entire industries are facing this change, besides the entire tourism industry, the automotive industry, for example, also has to face this challenge.

To create awareness for this change, we have decided to stay at the beautiful Schloss Zeit (formerly Schloss Burgscheidungen) to learn from each other and have a good time together.

Besides presentations around the topic of perpetual traveling, we are planning some workshops and panel discussions. If you feel like contributing or if you are a specialist in a certain topic, feel free to send us a short mail. The schedule is not finalized yet.

This is why the Core Team from Staatenlos, the Blockchainhotel and the CryptoCastle decided to host the second round of NOMADays in 2022 at this epic, beautiful location.

Why CryptoCastle?

In the middle of Germany the CryptoCastle is creating a place that is exemplary for sustainable, social and culturally diverse coexistence and work. Together with the residents, actors from the region and impulses from Berlin international, we are transforming an iconic castle in Sachsen-Anhalt region from a forgotten relic into a modern Utopia
One of the goals is to use the castle and its outbuildings as a co-living platform for travelers.
Castle stays can be booked from 3 hours (for meetings) up to 3 months for those wanting to immerse themselves in the vibrant tech community and retreat from the city, with a onsite chef and program of activities to keep the members entertained.


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